The year is 2095. The Sol System has seen many things in the last 80 years. A rash of fascism swept the United States which prompted World War III. The war was brief but deadly—Washington DC, Moscow, Los Angeles, London, Rome, and New York City were wiped off the face of the planet. Before further destruction, the United Nations raised an army and motivated the rest of the world to stop the United States, Russia, and England from attacking anyone else.

With former World Leaders decimated, the United Nations expanded it’s purview. Now a legitimate government in itself—an Earth Gov—the UN decreed that the each Earth nation (aside from the U.S., Russia, and England who were hit with severe sanctions and directly controlled by the Earth Gov) would govern itself, but must declare allegiance to the Earth Gov.

In the years that followed, the age of the Mega Corporation came about. Many corporations competed, but ultimately the LightBringer Corporation became the leading brand. It would be hard not to find something produced for Earth and the surrounding settlements. LightBringer—formerly an altruistic Institute with the aim of elevating the human condition—LightBringer has mutated from the inside out into something more sinister.

In 2065 the Institute announced a new project: the WaveRider. The WaveRider was a proprietary technology, a hyper space jump gate. The Institute pushed EarthGov into allowing the WaveRider to go into production without any scrutiny.

The WaveRider was launched and LightBringer founded a colony in the Kanto System. Using a loophole in the EarthGov charter (a clause in the charter states that no planets in the local cluster can be colonized AND governed by the founder) LightBringer was able to convince EarthGov to let them control all aspects of the colony. The only stipulation being that EarthGov required a garrison to oversee human rights.

in 2070 the LightBringer Institute opened the WaveRider to public—for a fee. Private ships needed to be equipped with WaveRider devices that cost enormous fees. And transport ships would ferry people to the colony, again, for a price.

At first the colony worlds experienced great prosperity. Millions of people crossed over to the Colony to stake their claim and strike it rich. Trade routes to and from Earth meant that colonists could live in relative comfort and a return trip to Earth was pricey, but possible for most people.

But in 2085 a terrorist attack disabled the WaveRider. The Institute insisted that the WaveRider could be easily fixed with supplies from Earth. Institute leadership continued to tow the party line, “help is coming, be patient.” But time passed and there was no help from Earth, and things began to go wrong—fast. Supply shortages became common. Food rationing became mandatory on the poorer planets while the Core worlds where the Institute brass was found still lived well.

Rioting broke out on the largest mining colony. The Institute stopped the riots with terminal force. This quieted the other colony’s for a time. But now the Institute had a new enemy: EarthGov. The EarthGov garrison mounted an insurrection of the LightBringer Core world, but was strongly rebuked by the Institute’s marines. The EarthGov forces sped off into the night and were never heard from again outside of hushed whispers from colonists.

Without EarthGov interference, the Institute has solidified its governance of the region and cracked down on any seditious materials.

Lightbringer Institute